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Speeding or Traffic Ticket? Talk to a Lawyer!

No matter where you are driving in the United States, one constant exists: Drive over the Speed Limit and you are probably going to receive a ticket.  These tickets that are administered by various law enforcement agencies are meant to levy punishments against the driver as a form of deterrence.  These punishments normally include: fines/court costs; potential points/infractions on one’s driving record; required attendance to a driving school and a potential increase in insurance premiums.  Public safety is the main reason for deterrence, and these Speeding tickets (along with other traffic citations) serve as a way to help prevent accidents and keep folks safe on the roadways.

Frequently, however, individuals who receive Speeding tickets (and other traffic citations) choose not to get a lawyer and instead handle the case on their own (or pro se.) While there is nothing legally (or ethically) wrong with the handling of a traffic ticket oneself, a lawyer should know the procedures and local rules of a jurisdiction where the ticket may be docketed (and potentially help obtain a favorable outcome).  Additionally, a lawyer should be able to advise the driver about any potential point increase on their driving record and other risks associated with just “paying off a ticket.”  “Paying off a ticket” is equal to being found guilty of the alleged traffic infraction. 

Commercial Drivers (those having Commercial Driver’s Licenses or C.D.L.) also need to be extremely careful as states (such as Tennessee) are cracking down on these special license holders.  C.D.L. drivers should always consult with a lawyer before handling any Speeding ticket or traffic citation because such offenses could potentially lead to disastrous consequences for the C.D.L. holder.

If you receive a Speeding ticket or any other traffic citation please contact a knowledgeable lawyer to help advise you on the situation.  Furthermore, if you receive a Speeding ticket or traffic citation in Tennessee please feel free to contact the lawyers of Oberman & Rice.  With over 80 years combined experience, the law partners of Oberman & Rice are ready to answer your questions about any ramifications a Speeding ticket may have on your driving record.  Our lawyers may be contacted by calling (865) 249-7200 or by email at and of the following:, or      

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Is Big Brother Watching?

Do you think the government has expanded its law enforcement surveillance too far?  Many jurisdictions across the country are now employing the use of both red light cameras and speed enforcement cameras.


Tennessee recently weighed in on the use of such equipment on federal interstate highways.  Public Chapter 389, signed by Governor Bredesen on June 9, 2009, permits traffic surveillance enforcement in certain situations.  This new law amends Tennessee Code Annotated § 55-8-198 to provide certain exceptions permitting the use of surveillance cameras on federal interstate highways.  One exception states “when employees of the department or construction workers are present, surveillance cameras [may be] used to enforce or monitor traffic violations within work zones designated by the department of transportation; provided, that such cameras shall be operated only by a state entity.”


It is important to note that the new law, which allows the issuance of citations such as speeding tickets and red-light tickets,  does limit the use of traffic enforcement cameras to only work zones when department employees or construction workers are present.

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