Steve Oberman

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee Law School in 1980, Mr. Oberman has established himself nationally as an authority on the intricacies of DUI law. Early in his practice, Mr. Oberman developed an extensive knowledge of defending those charged with the crime of driving under the influence. This knowledge, combined with his background in the sciences, gave Mr. Oberman a unique perspective in defending those accused of DUI. Mr. Oberman has successfully represented over two thousand clients charged with DUI and related crimes during his 40+ years in practice. In 2006, Mr. Oberman became the first lawyer to be recognized by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization as a certified specialist in the area of DUI Defense law. Since that time, Mr. Oberman has lectured on DUI defense and trial techniques all over the world; even teaching American Trial Techniques and American Criminal Law at the University of Latvia Law School in Riga during the Spring Semester of 2019 as a Fulbright Scholar.


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DUI Convictions & Breath Tests: A Love Affair Gone Wrong?

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You don’t have to be over the legal limit of .08% to be convicted of DUI

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