Want to work for Donald Trump? Not if you’ve been convicted of DUI.

This season of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice highlights one of the most overlooked consequences of a Tennessee DUI arrest and conviction–the loss of future job opportunities.  Once Donald learned of a contestant’s DUI arrest and conviction, she was promptly fired.  While Khloe Kardashian was not arrested in Tennessee, the consequences of not being hired because of a DUI conviction are universal. For more information about this and other consequences associated with a Tennessee DUI/DWI conviction, please visit http://www.tndui.com/dwi-dui-information/other-consequences.html.


  1. #1 by Patrick Ferris - April 6th, 2009 at 15:56

    This video not only underscores the impact of DUI on employment, it also demonstrates the hypocracy of so many of those who are outspoken about DUI. As reported by TMZ (and no, I’m not a regular reader…Google found this for me), the Donald had to explain why a 17 year old was serving and drinking Donald’s “Trump” band of vodka at a superbowl party thrown by the vodka company. Interesting that Donald invokes MADD when he fired Ms. Kardashian, because MADD fights against underage drinking as much as DUI. Here’s the link:


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