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Restricted License Form for Tennessee DUI

If convicted of a Tennessee DUI offense, or a similar crime in another state, a Tennessee licensee may be eligible to obtain a restricted driver’s license to allow the person to drive during, at least a portion of, the driver’s license revocation period.  One should consult with an attorney in the appropriate county–either the Tennessee county where the DUI offense occurred or the person’s Tennessee county of residence–to obtain an Order for restricted driving privileges.  A copy of this Order can be viewed by clicking here.

Additional information about eligibility for a Tennessee restricted driver’s license, as well as the requirements for obtaining such a license, can be found on the Tennessee Department of Safety’s website by clicking here.  The attorneys at the Oberman & Rice law firm are also available to assist you in obtaining a Tennessee restricted driver’s license.  You may reach Steve Oberman, Sara Compher-Rice or Nate Evans by calling (865) 249-7200.

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