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Drinking and Boating

Like drinking and driving, the simple act of drinking and boating is not itself against the the law in Tennessee.  However, operating a watercraft (boat) that is subject to registration in Tennessee while under the influence is a criminal offense.  According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) the Memorial Day holiday weekend is one of the busiest boating weekends, as it is regarded as the unofficial start of summer.  TWRA officers are sure to be patrolling the waterways to enforce Tennessee boating safety.

Boaters in Tennessee are prohibited operating a boat “while under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, narcotic drug, or drug producing stimulating effects on the central nervous system.”  Tennessee Code Annotated § 69-9-217(a).  Tennessee law further provides a per se BUI law, i.e. boaters cannot operate a vessel while having a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater. Tennessee Code Annotated § 69-9-217(j)(2).

Like a Tennessee driving under the influence charge, the issues and laws surrounding a Tennessee BUI can be complicated and technical.  If you’ve been charged with Boating Under the Influence in Tennessee or have any questions about the offense of BUI, please contact the Oberman and Rice Law Firm at (865) 249-7200.

Additional information about Boating Under the Influence (BUI), as well as the related crime of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), can be also found on the Oberman & Rice websites at www.tndui.comand

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