Have a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is often associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  If you are celebrating this holiday in such a manner, you should be careful to recognize that your alcohol consumption may impair your ability to drive.  You may not realize that your own ability to know if you are impaired or under the influence may be affected by alcohol.  The safe way to celebrate is to be certain you have a designated driver who is not drinking alcohol or taking any medications or drugs.  If you even think you may be impaired, you should call a cab or get a ride with a friend.

Even if you conclude that you are not too impaired to get behind the wheel, keep in mind that a law enforcement officer could reach a different conclusion.  Should you be stopped and suspected of driving under the influence, you may find yourself with several questions relating to Tennessee DUI laws, such as:

We would encourage you to visit our website at http://www.tndui.com/faqs/faqs.html for the detailed answers to these and many other frequently asked questions relating to a DUI traffic stop.

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