A Flood of Mail Following Tennessee DUI Arrest

A common complaint heard from clients is that after their DUI arrest  in Knoxville, TN, they receive a barrage of solicitation mail from Knoxville attorneys.  Most of our clients are upset by this solicitation and feel their privacy has been violated. 

A DUI arrest itself is stressful and embarrassing enough without the added strain of having mention of the arrest publicized to others in your household.  In fact, many people with Tennessee DUI arrests wish to protect their loved ones from the anxiety and shame associated with a DUI arrest.  Such a task is difficult to accomplish when a parent, spouse or loved one first learns of the arrest through attorney letters discussing the incident.

Many ask — is this legal?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  The Tennessee Rule of Professional Conduct (ethical rules) do not prohibit an attorney from sending correspondence to individuals with pending criminal cases, though certain restrictions are placed on such communication.  Unfortunately, the records relating to your DUI arrest are public record, so there is no way to prevent receipt of these letters.

Should you decide to hire a DUI lawyer in Knoxville, Tennessee based upon a solicitation you received from the lawyer in the mail, be careful not to rely solely upon the information contained in this communication when making your choice.  Click here to see our post discussing the factors you should consider when choosing a Tennessee DUI attorney.

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